Announcing Chennai Queer LitFest 2020

We are here to announce the third annual Chennai Queer LitFest as we tread uncertain times during this pandemic. After days of contemplation and discussion within the Queer Chennai Chronicles team we decided to organise this year’s Litfest online and it will be called Chennai Queer LitFest 2020 Live.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has a devastating impact on all our lives. The pandemic has isolated us from our communities and friends. It has also lead to the cancelation of many queer events across the globe which has been the only safe spaces where we could be our authentic selves. 

Due to the pandemic, within the organising team we are dealing with unemployment, job loss, pay-cut, COVID-19 duty and a larger uncertainty glooming over our future. It is also an undeniable truth that Chennai Queer LitFest has become a part of our lives where the festival is the only time when we get to meet our friends and family. This year the festival is going to be different. But we also realise that to have an equal and equitable society we have to keep the conversation going. We have to let the world know of our existence and register that as much as this pandemic has affected our lives we won’t remain silent. We will continue to tell our stories and keep pushing the world to be a better place for all. We thank our friends, and allies who took time to suggest and connect us with the speakers for the festival. We also thank our speakers who have graciously agreed to be a part of this year’s festival during this uncertain time. 

This year’s theme of the LitFest is story telling that is inclusive of queer and other subaltern narratives that transcend the invisible box we are put in. The festival is yet another edition where we want the ‘mainstream’ to learn and realise that queer art and literature is for everyone. 

In 2018 we made a mark by organising India’s first LitFest that focuses of LGBTQIA+ writers, translators, and artists, and a platform that bridges the gap between the ‘mainstream’ and the queer literary and art spaces. 

Instead of one full day event this year the festival will be on the 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th September 2020 from 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm IST. We will announce the speakers, topics and the schedule in the following days. Watch our space or visit for more information and updates about the Chennai Queer LitFest 2020 Live.

சென்னை குயர் இலக்கிய விழா 2020 குறித்த அறிவிப்பு