Condemnation to the Editor of Kumudam Reporter and Kumudam Management

To the Editor of “Kumudam Reporter” and Kumudam Management,

As the Director and Producer of the film “Is It Too Much to Ask?”, I strongly condemn the unauthorized and callous usage of a frame from my film in your widely advertised posters for your article titled “Corona Dhigil, Chennai-ku goodbye.”  The unauthorized use of the poster image of my film, depicting the lead artistes, is a blaring exhibition of unethical journalism. It is of my absolute conviction that Kumudam Publications is not under resourced to produce their own pictures/images that accompany their articles.

The film “Is It Too Much to Ask?” is an earnest portrayal of the difficulties faced by Ms. Living Smile Vidya and Ms. Angel Glady, two of the most important artists in the contemporary Tamil theatre in finding a safe accommodation for rent in Chennai  just because they are trans women. The film is a co-production with NHK, the renowned Japanese State Television. Made in 2017, the film has garnered significant recognition in more than eighty international film festivals. Few of its accolades include the Best Documentary at the (2017) Singapore South Asian Film Festival, the Jury Mention at the (2019) Kathmandu Film South Asia, and the Runner up Audience Award at The Germany’s Feminist Film Week (2018).

We certainly do not expect felicitations or praise from the Tamil Media as independent artists who are always considered as Nobodies. However, it is our basic right to expect that the film and its crew are not treated disrespectfully. 

It is imperative that Kumudam Publications should immediately stop its senseless mockery on independent film artists and its irresponsible attitude towards our creations. Also I emphasize that the unlawful usage of our film’s poster image is a serious violation of Intellectual Property Rights and Kumudam Publications will face stern legal action if they fail to address this issue with demeanour.

– Leena Manimekalai.