Against Vijay Varadharaj’s homophobic film teaser of pallu padama paathuka

Vignesh Srikanth

Vijay Varadharaj’s teaser looked weird AF. And the recent sneak peek looks shitty AF. The problem is not just that it is a regressive, homophobic, unbearably cringy, toxic crap.. it is no different from your anyday ‘Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu’. Yet.. People, who normally call out such stuffs are happily sharing it with captions ‘Anne ❤ ‘ & ‘Thalaiva va ❤’

Am sure, by yesterday, hundreds and thousands of college students in TN would have been tickled by the perverse shit that has been passed off in the name of comedy in that sneak peak, shared it and laughed at it together! Even if the film comes up with a different context or some serious social message shit (I wonder).. by that time, the job of this sneak peek, which is TITILLATING would have had its due!

I come across many “They are known for this. Idhu ipdi dhaan nu theriyumna idha avoid pannidalaame!” Were we expecting a Thappad out of Draupathi? Don’t we know it is gonna be outright venomous? Why do we call out even if we know that it is going to be in vain and there is a huge world outside Chennai’s Facebook circle who reads none of what we write? Don’t we all know that there is a real world out there where the film gets glorified beyond one’s imagination and feeds for the burning hunger of casteism? This is no different and just that it comes in a different genre and disguise.

Does being a Nalla manushan / occasionally vocal on selective social issues with a channel that have a pretty decent fan base clears for making shitty, insensitive works? Is that what Mohan G lacking?

Suresh R V

Vijay Varadharaj’s sneak peek video was sickening and disgusting to the core. I really don’t know how this sexist, misogynist, homophobic person is being celebrated widely by many straight men. That he is perceived to be a so-called anti casteist is giving him clean chit, I guess. But last checked, his bloody baskar video was racist to the core. If a vanniyar guy receives blood from a dalit guy he will start eating beef, ride dio bike, speak north madras dialect, sing gaana, it seems. And also in one of his stand up shows, he mentioned that his dalit friend who eats beef forced him to eat it, and he lamented it was food harassment. What half-boiled trash. His movie is not out yet. But I am sure it will have many problematic elements with some dosage of liberal, anti bjp elements. And as usual, that will save his face, and he will be hailed by many men. Too much enabling. Least democratic.

Mathur Sathya

One dialogue “Avana nee” from Vadivelu ages back is what Tamil homophobes to this day use to troll gay people.

Which is why Palla Padama Pathuka could be more dangerous than Iruttu Araiyil Morattu kuthu. Because Vijay Varadharaj is capable of writing very rememberable dialogues that will feed homophobes with such euphoria, giving rise to a wave of memes that will be extremely anti-LGBT. Those dialgoues will be recycled and cherished for a decade.