Be Strong, Be Safe, Be Proud

Hi There is something we want to tell you 
This lockdown that we are in…It is important. 
It is important for us to stay safe. 
It is important to stop the spread of COVID-19…
But it’s also unexpected. 
And if you are scared… frustrated… angry… or feeling unsafe…
All that we want to say is. You are not alone. 
The lockdown has forced many of us to go back to abusive households…And stay there, without knowing when we can get out. 
Most of us are worried about our job security…Some of us have already lost our jobs.
We have lost contact with our support systems…
…and safe spaces. 
And many of us are forced to hide…
Hide our gender. Hide our sexuality. Hide our selves. 
Many do not have access to life saving medicines…
…including hormones. 
For a lot of us — our mental health is messed up. 
You know the feeling… 
However — for a lot of us, and perhaps for you too — this is not new…
Feeling stuck… Feeling insecure…
What makes it different this time is that we can’t physically move out.
We are isolated and alone…
But we are here to tell you this. 
We have been through and tackled isolation and loneliness in our lives. 
We have dealt with situations which we thought were impossible…
We made it out. We survived.
We are alive… we are living. 
Some of us are thriving!
We want to tell you this, you are not alone.
Hold on.
We will get through this.
We will make it through these hard times
And live to tell the tales.
We will get through this.
Be strong. Be safe. Be Proud


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